Wildscapes Covid-19 Information

Here at Wildscapes and the Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust we have been affected by Covid-19 like everyone else.  As the country comes out of lockdown, we are gradually starting to change the way that we work as well.

Whilst we are attempting to remain home working where possible, some staff will now be out on site or occasionally starting to use the office to help them carry out their roles and support their own mental health & wellbeing.  We have put in place a number of risks assessments to help our staff and the public stay safe at this time.

If you’d like to discuss an ongoing or potential project please feel free to contact your project manager on their mobile number or email as usual. We can also be reached on 0114 303 5123 – please leave a message and this will be automatically distributed to the team, or email: info@wildscapes.co.uk

If you want to contact anyone at Wildscapes or the Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust about our approach to being a Covid-19 secure workplace or to request a copy of our risk assessments then please email: hr@wildsheffield.com

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